Lip Gloss Pigment Powder

Lip gloss pigment powders include synthetic mica, borosilicate and metallic pigments that are added to formulations to demonstrate color and effect.

ECKART supplies all of these effect pigments as well as rheological additives for thickening and suspension.

Lip Gloss Pigment Powder by ECKART
Lip Gloss Pigment Powder by ECKART

MIRAGE - Calcium Sodium Borosilicate for lip gloss pigment powder.

Lip Gloss Pigment Powder Mirage by ECKARTMIRAGE effect pigments are based on calcium sodium borosilicate and distinguish themselves by their extraordinary sparkling effects and glamorous look. Their performance is outstanding in respect to high transparency, unique color purity and outstanding luster.

Due to the carefully controlled upper limit of the particle size even MIRAGE Glamour pigments provide a remarkable pleasant skin feel. The MIRAGE pigment series is suitable for all kinds of color cosmetic and personal care applications like nail polishes, lipsticks or glosses, powders, wax based systems, emulsions and gels.

SynCrystal – Synthetic Mica for lip gloss pigment powder.

Lip Gloss Pigment Powder SynCrystal by ECKARTThe SYNCRYSTAL product line is based on metal oxide coated synthetic fluorphlogopite flakes and offers new ways to achieve very bright and also bold colored formulations. Due to the synthetic origin of the substrate, the level of impurities is significantly lower compared to that of natural mica. Whether remarkable silvery pearlescence, brilliant interference effects, warm earth tones or expressive colors - the SYNCRYSTAL range offers superior skin feel, high purity and outstanding chroma.

Synafil - Cosmetic fillers based on synthetic fluorphlogopite and polypropylene wax.

SYNAFIL is ECKART's cosmetic filler series. They can positively contribute to product properties like texture, skin feel and pay-off.

Lip Gloss Pigment Powder Mirage by ECKART
Lip Gloss Pigment Powder Mirage by ECKART


SYNAFIL S fillers are based on synthetic fluorphlogopite and set themselves apart by their outstanding color purity and remarkable low heavy metal content.

Based on these characteristics, they are suitable for face and body care applications like night and day creams, BB/ CC/ DD creams or moisturizing lotions. Due to their tight particle size distribution and light reflecting features, they can also help reduce skin imperfections like freckles or small wrinkles around the eye or lip areas.

In color cosmetics, SYNAFIL S can be used in all segments ranging from foundations and concealers to pressed and loose eye shadows, powders, blushes and all kinds of lip cosmetics like balms, sticks or glosses. Used solely or in combination with ECKART effect pigments, these fillers provide perfect optical appearance of the skin and improve the adhesion of make-up.


SYNAFIL W is a polypropylene wax-based filler for cosmetic applications. It can be used to add a velvet-like skin feel and mattify formulations. This wax can also support mousse-like textures. SYNAFIL W is the perfect choice to boost eye-catching sparkle effects in specifically adjusted color cosmetic applications like creamy and pressed eye shadows, powders and nail polishes. As a mattifying agent it can be used in foundations, powder formulations and creams.

Visionaire – Metallic effects for lip gloss pigments powders.

VISIONARE Lip Gloss Pigment Powder by ECKARTVISIONAIRE pigments are based on aluminum or metal alloys and are synonyms for superior performance. They combine dramatic metallic reflection with outstanding coverage.

In interplay with other colorants as "classical" absorption or pearlescent pigments like MIRAGE or SYNCRYSTAL they open the doors for uncountable polychromatic effects.

VISIONAIRE aluminum pigments can cause spontaneous or delayed formation of hydrogen gas in contact with any water containing or water-based formulations and need to be handled with special precaution.

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