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Eckart - Effect Pigments


Trendcolors 2015


By presenting its latest trend colors ECKART invites you to take a look into the future.  Developed in cooperation with designers our experts show you what the color space of the season ahead will look like.    

Get inspired and take a glance on the next generation of color shades. Come and visit us at booth 1007!

STAPA® HYDROMIC – APEO-free Aluminum pastes for aqueous coating systems


With its latest development the ECKART GmbH has added a new, APEO-free product series to its product portfolio for aqueous coating systems.

The pigments of its HYDROMIC product range are additive-stabilized and stand out by their significantly improved intercoat adhesion in comparison to so far commercially available additive-stabilized aluminum pigments. Moreover, HYDROMIC pigments show a considerably higher cost-efficiency compared to encapsulated pigments – while keeping their brilliance and strong hiding power at the same time. 


New Aluminum Pigment for highest Stability and Brilliance

Ideally Suited for Water-based and Conventional Systems

Tailored for 1-Layer Coatings

STAPA® UCP is one of the latest product developments of ECKART GmbH. Hereby the abbreviation UCP (Ultra Chemical Performance) stands for highest chemical resistance.

It is achieved by a special 2-layer coating of the pigments and consists of a SiO2 encapsulation plus an additional polymer coating.

STAPA® UCP 150 shows a pronounced dark flop. Its even, untextured surface and its extreme fineness guarantee a fascinating brilliance and light reflection.

In a nutshell: A perfect balance between extreme chemical resistance and excellent optical performance.


Three-dimensional Wall Decoration

FERRICON® are ECKARTs well established metal effect pigments on basis of carbonyl iron.

They fascinate by their pronounced dark flop from grey to black metallic.

Owing to their magnetic properties, FERRICON® pigments offer an exciting additional scope for design: Using a permanent or electro magnet the pigments can be realigned along the lines of force, creating an impressive three-dimensional flop effect with amazing depth.

This technic is already used for numerous decorative applications. Lately FERRICON® is also used for designing walls. The pigments in the wet wall paint realign themselves following a magnetic pattern that is applied to the wall by stamping or rolling.



METALURE® Liquid Black – the world´s most unique PVD pigment

ECKART presents the darkest PVD worldwide at the American Coatings Show: METALURE® Liquid Black. The chromium oxide-based PVD product is a real hit thanks to its midnight black tone and its sensational reflective effect.

METALURE® Liquid Black is the only PVD product available on the market to offer this kind of dark metallic quality.

But METALURE® Liquid Black has more to offer than just its sensational looks; thanks to its high chemical resistance, it is also able to withstand even extreme stresses.

Other advantages of METALURE® Liquid Black are its chemical inertness and the fact that it is free of all chromium (VI) compounds, making it non-toxic.

LUXAN - Thrilling New Color Options

ECKART expands its high-end pearlescent pigment range LUXAN and shows its brand-new vibrant Earth Grades at ACS. The new color shades available are: Champagne, Bronze, Copper and Fire-Red. 

LUXAN Earth Grades show the same brilliant optical characteristics as known from the LUXAN Interference and Combination Gold color shades and impress by their outstanding transparency and color purity. Their unique sparkle is based upon a synthetically produced glass which is coated with a patented layer. This gives the pigment an extraordinary three-dimensional look and a characteristic light reflexion – similar to a polished diamond.

If you are looking to combine the fascinating intense sparkle effect with trend-setting colors – ECKART´s LUXAN portfolio is your choice.


For water-based high-gloss chrome effect coatings: HYDROSHINE WS 3003/3004/4001
At the ACS, ECKART will also be presenting its HYDROSHINE WS 3003, 3004 and 4001products with their high-shine chrome effects. Their SiO2 encapsulation technology, which is heavy metal-free, ensures that the PVD pigments are chemically very stable and also offer ideal intercoat adhesion. Of course, this process does not have any effect on the exceptional brilliance of HYDROSHINE WS 3003, 3004 and 4001, which is fully maintained in comparison to the source material. Moreover HYDROSHINE WS 4001 is worldwide the by far darkest reflective silica encapsulated PVD pigment available in the market.

METALURE® A61006 BG – the darkest aluminum-based PVD pigment in the world

At the ACS trade fair, ECKART will also be presenting an overview of its latest developments for solvent-based systems: offering the full spectrum from chrome-similar white effects to rainbow shades and an exceptionally dark look. The entire product family comprises a wide range of particle size distributions.

For METALURE® A61006 BG, we took the finest products from the range and developed and even finer pigment, with unique results: the blackest aluminum-based PVD pigment in the world!

With METALURE® L51016 ECKART offers a PVD pigment that in comparison to a standard pigment (e.g. METALURE® L55700) shows a significantly pronounced character, higher brilliance and improved chrome effect.  

SYMIC – pearlescent pigment shades inspired by nature

With ECKART’s pearlescent pigments series SYMIC, fascinating color effects can be mimicked - from the silky gloss of a pearl to the dazzling colors of a hummingbird

Due to their transparency and their extremely pure color shades, SYMIC pearlescent pigments offer innumerable creative applications. They impress with their light refraction and their reflecting power.

The pigments are synthetically produced and refined by means of high-end coating and classification technologies. That way, beautiful velvet like pearlescent effects can be achieved.

With SYMIC OEM, ECKART offers a special weather and chemical-resistant version of SYMIC.

Besides the availability of different particle sizes for achieving divers effects - the color space now ranges from blue and silver tones to a warm gold and various shades of red.

SYMIC A001 Silver & OEM Extra Fine Silver are extraordinary fine synthetic pearlescent pigments with high metallic brilliance, designed for structure less pearlescent effects.




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