Coating colors - Brilliance that captivates

Metal effect paints are striking because of their high quality and decorative performance. Their metallic gloss and easy handling make them ideal for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications as well as for dazzling handicrafts, professional designs and decorative coatings.


产品名称 技术数据表 安全数据表 色相
Zinc dust paint PDF Dark Grey
Zinc repair bright PDF Greyish


产品名称 技术数据表 安全数据表 色相 比较
Metallic paint silver PDF Silver
Classica metallic paint silver PDF Silver
Heat resistant paint silver PDF Silver

Gold / Copper

产品名称 技术数据表 安全数据表 色相 比较
Metallic paint gold PDF Gold
Metallic paint decoration gold PDF Gold
Classica metallic paint rich pale gold PDF Rich pale gold
Classica metallic paint pale gold PDF Pale gold
Metallic paint copper PDF Copper
Classica metallic paint copper PDF Copper

Specialities / Others

产品名称 技术数据表 安全数据表 色相 比较
Protective paint black high gloss PDF Black
Heat resistant paint black PDF Black
Mixing lacquer for effect powders PDF Transparent