Effect pigments for autonomously driving vehicles

Novel silver metallics for autonomous driving

The concept of autonomous driving presents the coatings industry with an immense challenge. In vehicles designed for this purpose, radar and lidar sensors are used to transmit the movements of other vehicles and signal sources in the environment to the on-board computer. Conventional silver metallic paints can reflect, damp or absorb the radar waves.

Unrivalled worldwide in the effect pigment market.

ECKART is the first effect pigment manufacturer in the world to present a solution for metallic paints: The combination of selected ECKART metallic pigments with the innovative pigments of SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver achieves highly attractive silver shades with low damping.

On the one hand, this solution guarantees highly brilliant metallic silver tones with similar opacity as existing metallic silver paints and, on the other hand, the highest possible transmission of the radar waves.

A clear competitive advantage with SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver.

See in our brochure how SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver convinces with its impressive brightness and metallic character, especially in comparison to competitive products.

SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver is available in powder form and in two finenesses: SYMIC OEM Medium Opaque Silver and SYMIC OEM Fine Opaque Silver.

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SYMIC OEM Fine Opaque Silver PDF Silver
SYMIC OEM Medium Opaque Silver PDF Silver