The trend towards natural cosmetics is here to stay and the market for natural care is increasing from year to year. This switch from niche to mass market is leading to a demand for products which can really match the feel and performance of  “traditional” cosmetics. 

For formulators, this means a need for ingredients offering a natural background paired with superb performance. Our Rheology Additives GELWHITE and OPTIGEL and our new filler ECOFIL fulfil exactly these needs. Try our formulations and convince yourself.


Natural Skin Care - "Face Cream”PDF
Natural Skin Care - "Purifying Clay Mask”PDF
Natural Skin Care - "Hydrating Face Mask”PDF
Natural Hair Care - "Daily Moisture Conditioner”PDF
Matte Lip Tint – “Sundown in Montréal”PDF
Matte Leg and Body Coverage – “Peanut Butter Chocolate”PDF
Water-in-Silicone Light Coverage Cream- "Caramel”PDF
Foundation Stick - "Smooth Caramel”PDF
Natural Lotion – “1.5% ECOFIL B110”PDF
Natural Lotion – “5% ECOFIL B110”PDF
Mattifying Face Primer – “It matters…”PDF
产品名称 技术数据表 安全数据表 色相
ECOFIL B 110 PDF Transparent