RHEOBYK® 7590 - Oil phase, organic phase

Hydrogenated castor oil

Product Description
RHEOBYK® 7590 is a hydrogenated castor oil derivative designed for use in cosmetic and personal care systems as a thixotropic gellant for oil phases. Rheological control with RHEOCIN provides excellent thickening effect and pigment suspension. The efficiency of RHEOBYK® is sensitive to temperature and system polarity.

• Form white gels
• Efficient thickener for silicone oils, mineral oils and vegetable oils
• Stabilize W/O emulsions
• Improve spreadability of cosmetic products
• Impart skin conditioning and water-repellent effect
• Require temperature controlled activation

• Creams and Lotions
• Hair Care Products
• Lipsticks
• Pressed Powders
• Sunscreen Products

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