ENERGYSAFE Creates Cool Plastics

ENERGYSAFE pigment are designed to substantially increase the solar reflectance of plastics across a very wide color space. The pigments offer unique benefits - tailored solar reflectance for any polymer in almost any desired shade. Diverse colors from black to brown, from yellow to red, from white to silver can be achieved. 

The novel ENERGYSAFE pigments reflect incident sun rays, i.e. near infrared radiation (NIR), visible light (VIS) as well as ultraviolet radiation (UV) - independently of the substrate. ENERGYSAFE functions inherently and thus does not need a reflective substrate. ENERGYSAFE is beneficial for any polymeric substrate like polyolefins, PVC, styrenics, polycarbonate, polyamide and other enigineering plastics as well as polymer alloys. 

ENERGYSAFE's high reflectivity of the whole radiation spectrum renders this pigment class a particularly efficient sunlight reflector.

产品名称 技术数据表 安全数据表 色相 比较
ENERGYSAFE Graphite Black PDF Graphite Black
ENERGYSAFE Argentum PDF Argentum
ENERGYSAFE Granite PDF Granite
ENERGYSAFE Henna Red PDF Henna Red
ENERGYSAFE Aurum Solar PDF Aurum Solar