MASTERSAFE® Iron - Magnetic pigment preparations

MASTERSAFE® Iron 16103 is ECKART´s new metallic pigment preparation based on pure Iron.
The high purity Iron is soft and ductile, and is a good non-abrasive pigment. Due to its flaky form it shows strong hiding power. Its optical effect is a dark grey metallic.

The main application for MASTERSAFE® Iron 16103 is for magnetic detectable polymers and for all purposes that require magnetic polymers. MASTERSAFE® Iron 16103 can also be used for magnetic compounds as replacement of ferrite like magnetite and hematite.

The new product can be used for numerous plastics processing such as extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, blown film or cast film extrusion. Furthermore, it is compatible with all kinds of polymers like LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS and MABS.

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