The Taste of Colours - Markets - Diversity / Spirited / Opulence

We rely on the colors in our environment for inspiration and motivation. Particularly, strong shades that  stimulate our vital energy. 

In interior design, the seriousness and heaviness of Aubergine pairs well with lighter shades, such as the playful-harmless pink of a watermelon, or the bubbly and lively cheery color of oranges.

In the second theme, "Markets", the palette also offers the elegant grey shade, Tin Plate, as a combination partner for stronger colors. 

Product designers use the marketplace as inspiration. Skillfully, they design color combinations by using metal and glitter effects.

The color shades of "Markets" are based on the effect pigments in our product series SYMIC, MASTERSAFE, EDELSTEIN, PLATALUX and LUXAN.