Innovations for the Printing Industry

ECKART presents innovative answers to current trends and recent regulatory decisions within the printing industry.

Printing inks for LED curing offset processes are becoming more popular. The gold and silver inks of the new UNIPAK LED 485 series are widely applicable on carton, paper, metal as well as in in-mould applications. For applications with indirect food contact, ECKART developed the UV/LED curing one-component gold series METALSTAR UV/LED FPG 725. The abbreviation FPG stands for Food Packaging Grade.

As a further addition to its portfolio for conventional sheet-fed offset printing ECKART presents METALSTAR FPG 712. The one-component series is certified for indirect food contact. It is available in classic gold tones plus in particularly brilliant silver shade.

Given the current regulatory influences, ECKART secures long term product safety for users with its development of the HYDROXAL V series for aqueous inks used in flexo and gravure printing. Moreover, ECKART provides two more series, which conform to regulatory demands. ROTOSTAR UV 166 and METALSTAR UV 285 are suited for UV curing flexo and offset printing processes.