LED-Curing Offset Ink Line for High-Gloss Metallic Gold an Silver

The strong interest in a cost-effective LED-curing offset ink in metallic silver and metallic gold that does not have to be low-migration or meet the very high ECKART FPG standard (Food Packaging Grade) resulted in a new development: UNIPAK LED 485 LITHO INK.

Our series UNIPAK LED 485 LITHO INK offers the following benefits:

  • does not contain Irgacure® 369
  • solvent free
  • the silver metallic shades contain less than 1 % mineral oil
  • the gold shades contain no mineral oil at all
产品名称 技术数据表 安全数据表 色相 比较
UNIPAK LED 485 871 Litho Ink PDF PANTONE® 871
UNIPAK LED 485 873 Litho Ink PDF PANTONE® 873
UNIPAK LED 485 875 Litho Ink PDF PANTONE® 875
UNIPAK LED 485 877 Litho Ink PDF PANTONE® 877