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SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Orange


ECKART Promises Women a Season of Invigorating Colors

Innovations include a brilliant orange and a filler to achieve the soft focus effect

Hartenstein, 22.02.2019 – "Brilliance - Inspired by Nature" is the theme ECKART chose for this year’s Supplier's Day, New York. Besides showcasing fascinating new applications at the Make-up Bar - themed "Empowered Me"-, the pigment producer presents two new products in the Innovation Zone. These include a new effect pigment and a new filler. There, they can browse the Trend Colors for Autumn/Winter 2020/21 and download formulations via QR code.

SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Orange
Intense orange bulk color and metallic-like brilliance characterize the new pigment, which is based on ECKART’s patented technology for synthetic mica pigments. The pigment widens the existing SYNCRYSTAL Supernova portfolio, consisting of carmine-free red and gold shades. 

With its subtle matting characteristics, the new filler provides the much in demand soft focus effect to cover wrinkles and other imperfections. Based on renewable and biodegradable resources, it is perfectly suited to decorative cosmetics and personal care applications. 

Trend Colors Autumn/Winter 2020/21:

  • Sugar & Spice celebrates the lively and earthy colors of autumn with MIRAGE and VISIONAIRE pigments, in particular maroon, caramel, orange and bordeaux.
  • Popcorn & Pearls interprets the popular nude look with a subtle shimmer and shine caused by SYNCRYSTAL pearlescent pigments. Pastels dominate this trend.
  • Rock & Romance invites women to orchestrate their grand entrance with the colorful sparkle and shine MIRAGE Glamour pigments provide. What could be better suited to a party make-up than claret, gold, pink, and lilac?

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