ANTEC 2019

ECKART is looking forward to ANTEC 2019. This gathering of plastics professional is the perfect place for ECKART to display our commitment to innovation with outstanding demonstrations of our products like EDELSTEIN and LUXAN K.

Where is ANTEC 2019 located?

Venue: Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Address: 400 Renaissance Dr W, Detroit, MI 48243
Date: March 18-21

Where will ECKART be?

ECKART can be found at booth number 318.

You can find the ANTEC 2019 Floorplan HERE.

What are some of the products ECKART will be displaying at ANTEC 2019?

This year at ANTEC 2019 we will be displaying the following new products:


EDELSTEIN is a synthetic pearlescent pigment based on premium-layered silicates and on innovative and patented technology. EDELSTEIN products can be used in extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, blown film and cast film. Furthermore, these products are suitable for all kind of plastics like polyolefin, PVC, engineering resins, etc.

At this year’s ANTEC 2019 we will be displaying EDELSTEIN in our colors Topaz Orange and Ruby Red.

Click HERE for our full EDELSTEIN brochure


MASTERSAFE truly is an added-value product. MASTERSAFE allows for the delivery on SYMIC pigments, but in a de-dusted pellet. The pellet makes for not only compaction, but also offers easier handling and dosing.

MASTERSAFE SYMIC can be used in many production methods including extrusion, injection molding, blown molding, blown film or cast film extrusion. MASTERSAFE SYMIC is perfect for automotive plastics parts, household appliances, electrical housing (e.g. tablets & computers), and cosmetic packaging. It is even suitable for food contact.

If you would like to learn more about how MASTERSAFE, read the brochure HERE.

What is LUXAN K?

LUXAN K is glass pigment that offers high chroma and color intensity. Outstanding transparency and sparkle with low pigment levels make this a winner for many applications. In addition to sports and leisure applications, automotive interior parts, toys, household and home appliances, it is even approved for food packaging.

LUXAN K can be used in applications such as extrusion, injection and blow molding, blown film or cast film extrusion. LUXAN K is suitable for polyolefin, PVC as well as engineering resin like polycarbonate, styrenics, acrylics, nylons, etc.

You can find the entire LUXAN K brochure HERE.


PLATALUX is a completely new spin on decorative plastics. This innovative effect pigment offers extraordinary sparkle. This, combined with a champagne-colored shade leads to pronounced glitter effects in pure colors or in combination with transparent color pigments and dyes.

This pigment is especially suited for high-value applications. Cosmetic packaging and luxury consumer goods are sure to standout with its elegant sparkle. Not only will this silver-coated glass pigment enhance colors, it even is used in transparent plastics like polyester and clarified-PP.

HERE you will find the entire PLATALUX brochure.

What areas of plastics does ECKART serve?

ECKART is a global producer of effect pigments. Our pigments are used in many industries, including plastics. Our pigments can be used in packaging, electronics and even automotive. We offer a variety of pigments including metallic, synthetic mica and even glass.

Added-value is where ECKART really shines. We’re committed to customer service and we demonstrate this with color-matching, R&D and customer and technical service. Visit our ANTEC 2019 booth to learn more and speak to an ECKART representative.

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