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STARBONDING - Powder Coating Bonding Service

STARBONDING is ECKART's powder coating bonding service and is the perfect way to manufacture high-quality metallic and pearlescent effect powder coatings. As our partner you supply the basic powder coating to us as pre-material.

With the STARBONDING method, ECKART transforms your basic powder coatings into bonded powder coatings using metallic and / or pearlescent effect pigments.

The defined method of the thermo-mechanical process of STARBONDING provides powder coatings in which the platelet effect pigments are perfectly fixed on the surfaces of the spherical particles of the basic powder coating.

The most important benefits for your customers are: unlike the dry-blending method, this process enables bonded powder coatings to be reliably applied. 

ECKART offers the STARBONDING Service:

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What is Powder Coating Bonding?

Powder Coating Bonding is when powder bases that are thermally bonded with a metallic pigment.

How does the bonding process work?

Powder coating bonding involves heat. The base powder is heated, but only just enough to soften the particle. Then, metallic flake is added through mixing. Since the powder particle is soft, the flake will adhere/stick to the particle.

How does bonded powder coating differ from non-bonded?

Non-bonded powder coating is a simple dry mix and heat is not used. Since the pigment powder base never softens, the flake doesn’t adhere. The result is a powder coating product that doesn’t contain metallic flake attached to the powder particle.

A 500x zoom of Dry Blend vs Powder Coating Bonding.
A 500x zoom of Dry Blend vs Powder Coating Bonding.

What is the value in powder coating bonding?

Powder Coating Bonding your pigments will always provide more consistency than non-bonded. The biggest difference between bonded and non-bonded powder coating will come during application. Because non-bonded particles and metallic flakes are not adhered to one another, they will randomly align/organize during spray. This problem becomes exaggerated when electrostatic sprayers charge the mix and cause the metallic flakes to "clump." The result is an inconsistent finish. Additionally, dry blends won’t allow for reclaiming without huge color shifts.

There are four main Value Points with bonded powder coating:

  • Recycle ability
  • Color consistency
  • Sprayablility
  • Higher pigment loading (more possible colors)

Is there value in non-bonded powder coating?

The only value in non-bonded powder coating is the cost. Simply put, non-bonded products are cheaper. The process is done without heat and is referred to as dry mixing. This only tends to be an option for lower quality products where consistency in aesthetics is not as important.

Unfortunately, there is also some sellers that claim their products are bonded when they are not. This why it always important to purchase your powder from a reputable dealer.

Where can you receive Powder Coating Bonding Services?

For many powder coating manufacturers it isn’t economical to bond their particles on their own. It would require they have bonding knowledge, stock flake, own equipment and produce batches. This can be a bottleneck issue for production, especially with the increased risk of nonconformities.

Many powder coating manufactures opt to work with ECKART. At ECKART we offer STARBONDING. This is a service that we provide in-house, bonding your powder bases with our effect pigments. We do this according to our own color matching formula or the customer’s formulation.

ECKART’s STARBONDING service also means that powder manufactures can focus on powder production and not heavily invest in bonding equipment they might not use consistently. Partnering with ECKART also means the flake and bonding service are coming from the same vendor, reducing quality control problems.

ECKART is so committed to the success of your bonded powder coating products, we operate two locations. Our European location is in Hartenstein, Germany, while our Americas location is in Painesville, Ohio.

Need more guidance with powder coating bonding?

As usual, you can expect the best from ECKART, when it comes to customer and technical service. Supporting our customers before, during and after the sale is just as important as our products themselves. Feel free to fill out the contact form and an ECKART professional will be in touch with you shortly.